FinWhaleX: Peer-to-Peer Lending on the New level

Buy FinWhaleX P2P platform tokens and get a stable profit, independent of currency fluctuations and the political situation
We implement tokens through three reputable exchanges
Working in the sought-after field, which will not collapse
Full reporting for every investor
Reliable, fact-based business

Reliable, fact-based business

Р2Р — this is peer-to-peer lending, in which the loan is provided by private investors at an agreed interest rate. Banks and MFIs are not involved in the chain, which greatly facilitates the achievement of results.

Studies of relevant organizations speak in favor of further scaling this area:

  • A report published by Allied Market Research in March 2017 indicates that the peer-to-peer lending market will reach 460 billion USD by 2022, increasing by an average of 51.5% per year.
  • The Adroit Market Research study dated May 8, 2019 showed that the capacity of the global market for P2P lending in 2017 was estimated at 231 billion USD with a potential of threefold increase over the next 8 years (until 2025 .).

This type of lending is gaining momentum, more and more P2P sites are emerging, the volume of transactions is growing. This suggests that investing in such a business is currently one of the most profitable and low-risk ones.

Planned indicators by 2021

Countries available to use platform
50 000+
Issued loans
50 000+
30 000 000 $
Money turnover
30K $

Take into the interests of everyone

The FinWhaleX P2P platform is equally beneficial for all process participants.
A great option for those who do not want to get involved with banks and MFIs . Loan processing through our platform is:
The ability to get money with a bad credit history.
Interest rate is lower than in any financial institution.
Prompt receipt of money without unnecessary bureaucratic procedures.
Suitable for those who want to increase their income without spending a lot of time and effort on finding options. Providing a loan through our platform is:
Higher interest rate than bank deposit.
Less risk of losing money due to collateral.
Opportunity to independently choose who to lend.
The best option for those who are aware of the potential of the crypto market and lending. Acquiring our platform tokens is:
Getting a stable profit, regardless of the economic and political situation.
Possibility to resell tokens in the future at a higher price.
Participation in market scaling with huge potential, promising high dividends.

Everything is open and transparent

We present a complete set of documents for review, because we adhere to the principles of honesty, openness, transparency.

P2P lending attracted the attention of experts

Gerd Leonhard

A well-known futurist and writer, the CEO of the Futures Agency and one of the most influential people in Europe, Gerd Leonhard claims that some banks in the near future will lose 60% of their revenue..

Claus Lehmann
P2P lending expert

Claus Lehmann publishes P2P-Banking, a news blog on p2p lending and, a German-language blog on p2p lending with a large readership of German, Swiss and Austrian investors. ...

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FinWhaleX: change the conditions of the financial market

Liquidity provider
Simplified the cryptocurrency trading process and made it more profitable for each side of the process.
Virtual card
Digital assets are connected to a virtual card in the application, they can be calculated in 40+ million terminals around the world.
Mobile app
Work with the platform is carried out via a smartphone without the need to issue paper requests.
We work around the world
The platform is not limited to one region, it is available for use in different countries.
Registered in Singapore, obey laws and monitor compliance with international standards to prevent illegal activities.
Ease of use
Currency conversion is performed within the platform, enabling borrowers and lenders to use their preferred currency.

Our advisers

Demian Lee
Glen Liu
Paddy Tan
Soo Young Choi

Each online transaction is the work of real people

Each member of the team is a specialist with extensive experience, fully immersed in this area. Only concerted action helped us achieve such a high level and reach IEO.

Vladimir Egorov
Co-founder CEO
18 years in leadership positions. In 5 years the financial sector in the field of loans and investments. From the management of micro financial services company to build from scratch a network of online pawn shops.
Artur Vartanyan
Co-founder COO
More than 14 years in the of information technology. Development and implementation of the first public services in the Russia. Automation of a large number of Telecom and financial companies in their industries.
Aldar Sandanov
Co-founder CTO
From 2008 to 2016, he headed the IT Department at Promregionbank. He was responsible for the current operations of all Bank’s information systems, involved in creating the IT development and security strategy.
Viktor Egorov
Over 13 years of experience in leadership positions. 10 years in sales, 3 years in the financial sector in the field of loans and investments. Achievement of leading positions at the head of departments.
Kirill Kvan
Project manager
Over six years of experience in Internet marketing. He has an excellent track record, including over 100 successful advertising campaigns for ForteBank, Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt,, and many other companies.
Andrey Ivanov
Business developer
Over 14 years of experience in leadership positions. Development Planning and Optimization of the company's expenses. The increase in sales of related services. The interaction of government agencies. Achieving high levels in the market of his companies from scratch.
Sergey Sevantsyan
He regularly serves as a keynote speaker at international events. Investment Relations Manager at KryptoPal. Scorer and analyst of the ICO project in Neironix. Market Research Manager at ENVIENTA. International Investment Relations Manager at DEEX exchange.
Mikhail Vinertsev
Full-stack developer
From 2011 to 2016, he worked at Promregionbank. He started as an IT department specialist and later was promoted to the Head of the IT Department. 5 years of experience in blockchain development.
Alexey Pronin
Full-stack developer
In 2014, he joined Synthesis of Intelligent Systems as a front-end developer. He is fluent in a number of languages such as HTML, C#, PHP, JavaScript, and NodeJS.
Aleksandr Bragin
Full-stack developer
He graduated from the Institute of Energy (Tomsk Polytechnic University) with a degree in Electrical Power Engineering and Electrical Engineering. From 2014, he worked as an front-end developer for the R70 Web Studio..
Igor Sakovich
Android/iOS developer
Extensive experience developing mobile applications for Android / iOS, as well as more than a year of experience with Flutter. He is fluent in programming languages Java, Kotlin, Swift, Objective-C, Dart.
Aleksey Afonin
UI/UX designer
The main directions in the projects are corporate portals, web aggregators, financial dashboards, monitoring analytical systems.

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For those, who still have questions

If your project goes bankrupt, and I lose money

Excluded. The market for P2P lending will only grow, this is confirmed by studies of reputable organizations, so our project will scale up, bringing you a steady income.

If your platform is hacked, the money will go not to the borrowers and creditors, but to the left accounts?

The platform is protected by the blockchain system, transactions are carried out through smart contracts. This is the highest level of protection that exists at the moment.

If criminal groups just launder money through your platform

We comply with international standards for combating criminal activity, carefully check each participant according to an approved protocol and do not allow those whose integrity we have any doubts to the platform.

If your IEO is the only way to collect money and escape

It is unprofitable for us. In order to be able to implement tokens through the exchange, we passed a rigorous check of counterparties. Violation of agreements will lead to the loss of reputation that we have developed over the years.

I need more information about your project to make a decision..

We give everyone the opportunity to download and study the full range of documents: White paper, technical documentation and business model. In addition, you can ask us your questions directly - answer to any.

Become an partner in a P2P platform with huge potential.


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FinWhaleX is the trade name for a service offered by FinWhaleX PTE LTD. Platform FinWhaleX allows you to take or give a loan and is a mediator. FinWhaleX PTE LTD is not a bank and FinWhaleX services are not insured.

FinWhaleX and FWX™ are trade names for lending products of FinWhaleX PTE LTD. Loan amount, terms, and rates are not available in every jurisdiction, or for every collateral type. Available rates, loan amounts, and other terms are subject to change. Loan applicants are subject to AML, KYC screening. Terms, Conditions, and Restrictions apply.

* FinWhaleX currently accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum and TrueUSD (ERC20 based stable coin)

Gerd Leonhard

We are moving to a world where all calculations will be conducted in digital money. I do not mean cryptocurrency - in the money that is issued decentralized, the government of any major country is not interested. Most likely, we will make transactions in a single currency for the whole world, the rate of which will be calculated on the basis of a basket of leading national currencies. At the same time, it will be possible to make purchases and conduct transactions worldwide, without any cross-border commissions. This will change the banking industry. For example, if in ten years I need several thousand dollars for a new truck, I will not go to the bank, but I will go to the Internet to a “digital broker” - an ordinary individual who distributes loans in different countries for any purpose.

Claus Lehmann
P2P lending expert

Investors obviously seek a good return on investment. Also, p2p lending offers the opportunity for diversification into an asset class that is not directly correlated to other asset classes (like stock). Borrowers like the offered loans terms. Not necessarily the interest rate only, but also the convenience and the reduced time it takes to get a loan. I don’t really think p2p lending has any impact on society. For that, the differences to conventional loans are too small.

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